From Instant To Gourmet Real Quick

Who does not love the name “noodles”? Be it nostalgia from the countless dorm room meals, quick comforting dinner fixes or just-add-water goodness we all have a reason to adore this masterpiece in a little packet. They are not only easy enough to quick in your sleep, they are oh so inexpensive.

But the same thing eaten way too frequently in the same way eventually loses its charm, so these also tend to get boring with their pre-packed flavor sachets. Not to mention this is not the best bet if you are watching your nutritional intake either. So we are going to figure out a few ways (and more reasons to justify) to live on these little packs of joy a little longer.

Get It Veggie-Fied

A no brainer really. The best way to make something extra nutritious is – adding some good for you vegetables. You could julienne them, grate them up or chop it into little chunks and throw them in your wholegrain noodles for an easy highly wholesome meal. Top it with an egg or have it as it is. If you do not have fresh veggies at any instance, go for frozen ones instead. Carrots, broccoli, peppers, spinach, tomatoes or bean sprouts: your options are endless.

Put Some Meat In

This quick addition of protein will elevate your noodle game to unmatched heights. You could pan fry some cubed chicken and add it in afterwards. Or prepare your meat and cook everything else in the same pan. One pot meals are always a live saver right? Or you could add shredded rotisserie chicken, chopped sausages, some meatballs, chopped up ham or even a small can of tuna for a comforting, soul warming bowl of goodness.

Drop Some of That Peanut Butter

This. Is. So. Good. As crazy as it sounds, do not be too quick to judge without trying it. I mean, if this spoon licking goodness is so good on its own, it is bound to make everything else amazing too. Right. Right? Put a dollop of smooth (or crunchy. Who are we to judge) peanut-y cream in your oriental instant noodles UK for that restaurant quality taste that you always wanted. An authentic delectable Chinese dish right in the comfort of your home. And you did not even have to get dressed and go out.

Turn It In To Mac ‘N Cheese

There is practically nothing under this sun and moon that a bit of cheese cannot improve. Can I get an Amen? The Mac part of it does not always have to stand for macaroni. Instead, make an easy sauce with milk, a bit of butter and whatever cheese you have around and mix it up! Simple as that. You will not ever regret this.