Methods Of Food Processing

Food is important for the existence of human beings. Food is consumed to receive the necessary nutrients to the human body. Therefore, we need to make sure that food is stored and preserved in a manner that would not spoil any food items. There are many ways that food could be stored in a good condition for a while. One such way could be identified as food processing. Food processing is the process of converting raw food into cooked food which gives them a longer lifespan. Following are some of the most common ways of food processing methods that is practiced around the world.

Drying and Salting

Food processing does not require any advance restaurant equipment in Singapore. You can make use of items that are available in your household. Food processing is not a very difficult procedure. It is similar to food preservation techniques. Therefore, drying and taking off all moisture out of food makes it one of the easiest ways to process food. This increases the shelf life of the products and also makes it easy to prepare. You could add a twist to the drying process by adding salt. Salting could be categorized as a process of food preservation and processing but it is indeed a method of processing food as well. Salt removes the water and moist from food items which helps out with the drying process. Therefore, these techniques are some of the oldest ways of food processing as it is very easy and the requirement of technology is very less.


We find many types of canned food all over supermarkets. It would be impossible to find a grocery store without canned food. Some grocery stores might not have a large scale cold room but it will have food which are canned. This is mainly because canned food is one of the most common ways of processing food. These food items are very easy to be prepared. However, it is important to remember that processed food is cooked half way through and therefore, we should ensure that the expiry dates and other important dates are checked before purchasing and even consuming these canned food items. If canning is done at home, it is important to remember that the food items are canned in containers that would not contaminate the food. Canning food might seem to have risks, but if it is done in a proper manner it will be a great way to process your food items.

By following the above steps, you can make sure that your food items are processed in a very simple and easy manner.