What To Know About Treating Sports Injuries?

A sports injury can occur during exercise or the actual event. There are many preventative methods that will keep the athlete from harm during suck activity. However, some injuries cannot be prevented given the unpredictability of sports and when it happens you need to know how to respond to the situation.

There are some common injuries that athletes experience such as sprains and strains. Sprains refer to tearing of the ligaments while strains refer to tears in a muscle of tendon. Different sports have different vulnerabilities. Runners tend to experience shin splints that manifest as pain along the front of lower legs.  Then there can also be dislocation of joints and bone fractures. You may experience an acute injury suddenly when you’re still participating in the activity. It may come with severe pain or an inability to move a certain part of the body. When part of the body becomes overused, chronic injuries can occur. You will experience dull aching pain and soreness during this. Once you experience an injury, the fibres of the muscle or ligament in the affected area will be disrupted. Some of the smaller blood vessels may become broken and damaged which will lead to localised swelling. This will cause the damaged tissues to become painful. All athletes should be educated on the basics of treating injuries. If you’re training a young team, you can visit a physiotherapist Singapore so that they can explain how to take care of injuries as well as precautions before a sporting event.

Sports physio is essential to an athlete as it can help them increase flexibility, range of movement as well as help build endurance. Once an injury occurs, it is best to get help from medical professionals. Some injuries can be minor and treating them can be simple. Once you suffer from an acute injury, there are things that you yourself can do to alleviate the pain. The best thing to do is ice the injury so that swelling and pain diminishes. The PRICE method is widely used to treat injuries. It is an acronym made of the words, protect, rest, ice, compression and elevation. Once an injury happens, you need to protect it from worsening further. You can support the affected area so that you don’t need to put any strain on it. You also need sufficed rest to recover from the ordeal. This will prevent you from moving too much and exposing your body to further injury. If you are interested about osteopathy you can visit this website http://www.cityosteophysio.com/service/osteopathy/.

You can ice the affected area by using an ice pack or bag of frozen peas. Put some light pressure on the affected area so that swelling can be reduced. You can do this by using compression bands during the day. You need to elevate the affected area above the level of your heart so that the swelling can further be reduced. You can use heat and cold therapy both to relieve pain from the injuries.